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KETOSCAN Mini Breath Ketone Meter

FDA Class 1 Approved | Monitor Your Fat Metabolism or Level of Ketosis on Low carb, Ketogenic, Paleo Diet or Any Nutrition and Fitness Program

Key features

Measurement up to 99 PPM

Accurately measures breath acetone concentration at 100 resolutions (0.0~99) using a PPM (Part Per Million) measurement. Ketoscan mini provides you with 13 levels of results that are simple and easy to understand.


Breathe out for 3 seconds
3 seconds is enough time to hack your metabolism. Take a breath slightly then breathe out into the device. It displays a result after blowing for just 3 seconds. An installed highly sensitive flow-rate sensor ensures accurate results

Sensor's sensitivity & selectivity
The high resolution acetone sensor of Ketoscan mini is unique to other breath sensors in that it is 10 times more sensitive to ethanol and 50 times more sensitive to hydrogen(generated in the intestine) than other sensors are. It is designed to detect acetone and ignore other gasses that could contaminate the results.

Self-diagnostic mode 

The highly sensitive acetone sensor in Ketoscan mini is protected with self-diagnostics for sustainable and long term use. The device automatically detects whether a self-diagnostic test is required.



Monitor your acetone level and weight
Save and recall your daily, weekly and monthly results on the mobile app. It will help you plan your nutrition and fitness regime.

All-in-one smart KETOSCAN mobile app.

No other diet apps are necessary to reach your fitness goals. Just blow into the device, get your score, leave comments, track calories, and take photos of what you ate all in the Ketoscan mini app.

Cautions before measurement

Be cautious about which factors will affect your test result. Avoid brushing your teeth, smoking, eating foods before testing 30 minutes for accurate breath acetone concentration.

How to test?

Ketoscan mini requires your steady and enough breath sample to analyze your breath. Follow the instructions for accurate and consistent test results.

Detection of your breath flow-rate

Ketoscan mini and mobile app is connected perfectly so If your exhaled breath is insufficient, he mobile app shows a message for the re-test.

E-mailing your test result

Are you on a diet coaching or exercise program? Sending your test result, body fat burning rate, foods and calories to your diet coach, manager, personal doctor or health professional.

Share your level with friends

Share your results and stay motivated with your keto pals. The app displays weekly rankings between you and your friends.

Replace the sensor, use as a new device

Just calibration is not enough. Sensor replacement + calibration service is our solution. After 300 tests of the device (Max.320 tests), sensor replacement (Inc. re-calibration) is required. After the sensor replacement, your unit will be renewed as a new one!